Cody Linley acted in his first feature film at the ripe age of eight in the coming of age story "My Dog Skip." He would go on to star in a variety of roles that evoked an endearing charm that quickly become his trademark. He is perhaps most recognized from his recurring role playing opposite Miley Cyrus as her boyfriend, "Jake Ryan", on the Disney Channel's hit TV show "Hannah Montana."

In 2008, Cody appeared on the seventh season of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" with his partner Julianne Hough. He starred last year as yet another magnetic love interest, recurring on ABC Family's "Melissa and Joey."

His latest projects have included "The Playroom" which premiered at the 2012 Tribecca Film Festival, "My Dog the Champion" starring along side Lance Henriksen as the heartwarming dog trainer, "Eli." Cody is also starring in the title role of a 2014 release titled "Hoovey."

His passions include yoga, making music, playing sports and of course always inspiring others.


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